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It was the middle of December, less than 7 months ago, when I received the first text from Casey. It was full of questions.

“Where are you located, do you have SUPER early classes and how much does it cost?”

We went back and forth that day, talking about her goals and her health history. She described herself as “really, really out of shape” after explaining that she was a working mom with 2 year old. With a desk job and crazy schedule, she felt that adding a commitment to the gym was probably only going to increase her “mommy guilt”. Still she said her body was “craving” movement.

We met the next day for lunch. As she sat across from me,  I couldn’t help but be struck by the light in her eyes. Casey has gorgeous blue eyes, perfectly flecked with gray and hazel. Her eyes and smile lit up the room, but she didn’t see that. She saw her weight first when she looked in the mirror, and it had become overwhelming. We spoke about diets and the frustration that came from the cycle of “falling off the wagon” and starting over.

I could tell she wasn’t taking this step thoughtlessly. She wanted to commit, but she admitted she was scared. I asked what she was scared of.

“Not following through” she reluctantly responded.

Casey has followed through. Beginning with her on-ramp classes, she displayed a willingness to work through her fears. I will never forget the first time she stepped in to rack a 35# barbell on her back in preparation for a back squat. As she stood and the weight settled on her shoulders, she looked at me almost accusingly.


“No” she simply said, shaking her head.

Before her on-ramp classes were done, she was singing a different tune. After a session of deadlifts where she far exceeded her expectations, she turned to me with a grin.

“I think I like the barbell!” she stated, almost looking surprised as the words escaped her lips.

It was the same with so many of her CrossFit skills. On day one, she was intimidated by the 6” box jump, yet two weeks later, she conquered the 20” box.

We completed her on-ramp classes just before she had to leave for family vacation. In advance of her trip, we devised and food and exercise strategy that would allow her to enjoy her holiday, but not leave her feeling like she had to “start over” upon her return. She arrived him down a pound, and jumped into group classes.

In just a few short months, the nervous and discouraged woman I met has turned into a confident and capable inspiration to others. But I think I’d like you to hear in in her own words.

How did you hear about CrossFit Cure? My incredible hair stylist, Erika Miller, had started and was showing impressive results and it inspired me to give it a go.

Did you have any fear about CrossFit before you started? So. Much. Fear. I have never been a naturally athletic person and I have always hated exercise. So, yeah, trying one if the most intense sports ever created definitely filled me with doubts!

Tell us about your first few weeks. My first few weeks I was doing foundations, which is one on one training to learn the moves, proper form, and vocabulary of CrossFit. I have never been so sore in my life! As in I could barely sit down on the toilet kind of pain. But, I felt empowered working with the barbell and I always wanted to go back to do more, learn more, and push myself even harder.

Describe a turning point where you realized that what you were doing was different than what you had done before

Tell us a little about your health and fitness history.  I never worried about my weight much until about 9 years ago when my metabolism took a turn to slowville and I started putting on extra weight. It was gradual, but before I knew it, I was 50 lbs. over my “ideal” weight and started looking for quick fixes to get it off. Want to guess how that worked out? Minor successes with various crash diet plans-only to pack it all back on and then some more. Then I got married and pregnant. I had a very difficult pregnancy with gestational diabetes and hypertension due to my weight. Once my daughter was two, I felt like I had a little more freedom and decided I had to do something to get my weight and health under control.

. Well I was getting results, and I had no desire to quit. That probably happened after the first month or so. Granted, I was also changing my nutrition completely, but this was also based off what I was being taught at CrossFit Cure from Kai. Even though I was (still am) sore everyday, and worried I would not be able to do what the next day had prescribed, I always wanted to show up and do what I could. And I feel incredible after every workout…after I recover of course!

Tell us how your life is different today than it was seven months ago. Wow, I could go on and on but I will keep it short. I have energy, confidence, and I got my life back! I can play with my daughter for hours without getting tired and winded. I feel good going out with my spouse and friends, whereas before I just stayed home all the time because I had no desire to see or be seen. I was letting my own life pass me by! Now, with CrossFit Cure, I have an hour just to myself several days a week and it has made me such a better mom, and a much better friend to myself. 

What would you tell someone who is where you were at? You have no idea what you are capable of if you don’t try. Commitment is key, but I promise if you stick with it you will fall in love and you will reshape your life from the inside out.