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I listened to a GREAT podcast by Ben Bergeron the other day on training our weaknesses. One point he made was that at CFNE, Rather than calling them “weaknesses” they call them FOCUS areas. What’s your focus area? You are only as strong as the thing you are weakest at. Think about that. Do you avoid running because you think you suck at it?

Shouldn’t you address that and see improvement, rather than avoiding the skill work on those days? I’m sure you’ve all noticed the emphasis on conquering double unders, rope climbs, pull ups and handstand walks at Cure.

We urge you to read THIS EXCELLENT ARTICLE about how you can train over the next year to really up your performance by the 2019 OPEN. The article was written by Mike Warkentin, editor of the CrossFit Journal. It calls all of us out on why we may be stagnating. In 2019, we will have the opportunity to participate in two OPENs!

In line with this, we’d like to introduce some FOCUS programs to help everyone set goals that they can work towards in smaller chunks of time. FOCUS sections are geared to spark growth in those areas where you have found yourself saying “I can’t believe I still don’t have a muscle-up/Pull up/HSPU” or “I wish I was stronger at …!”

These are broken down into the 3 modalities; Gymnastics, Weightlifting and Monostructural (endurance).

If you are looking to pick one of these areas to improve, you must work your hardest in following a single focus group for 8 weeks before deciding to pick another or stick with the current one. If you are struggling to choose which focus would best suit you, stop at the front desk for a complete list of 5 standard tests for each focus. Whichever area you have the fewest completed tests accomplished is the area you pick to work in. If you have an equal number among all focuses you have a great opportunity to choose in which area you would like to excel. We  have broken these down into Elite, RX, Scaled and Novice for each FOCUS. Open gym is the ideal time to practice your focus area skills. We’ve build a lot of open gym time around the regular classes, so adjust you schedule to arrive early or stay a little late!

Set a plan, determine when and how you are going to work on these things and MAKE SURE YOU TRACK YOUR PROGRESS ON ACCESSORY WORK IN BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD! You can add a performance for any of the components of tests. Ask one of us, if you aren’t sure how.

We have very strong athletes at CURE and we believe each and every one of you can accomplish your goals as long as you have a plan and continue to work towards them. We are looking forward to competing with you in future Crossfit Opens, as well as watching your growth both as an individual and an athlete. Consistency is the key to success.