If you are new to CrossFit or haven’t participated for some time, you will need to attend our Foundations class. Our greatest concern is maximizing the benefits of CrossFit training, and the Foundations experience allows a coach to ensure you are prepared for success in our program. It’s an investment in long-term success. We care about safety and enjoyment of all members. A foundation is an essential component to any building. When it comes to your health and fitness, this foundation translates to an understanding of, and a commitment to, the CrossFit Cure objective.

      1. You will learn how to move correctly, through instruction in the nine foundational movements of CrossFit.  You will progress through three levels of these movements, adding complexity at each level. Understanding these movements, and practicing them often, will allow your athletic ability to increase at a rapid rate.


      1. You will be taught the simple nutrition prescription that will yield the best results. Whether your primary goal is to increase aerobic capacity, lose weight, build strength or offset chronic illness, we can help. As you become more in tune with your body’s nutritional requirements, you’ll be in the driver’s seat of your transformation. No more starting over!


      1. You’ll be introduced to the CrossFit community; both in our box, locally and online. We’ll teach you where to find accurate information about CrossFit and introduce you to the world of AMRAP, EMOM and HSPU.


    1. You will learn why and how CrossFit is the world’s most effective health regimen for improving your fitness, reducing unwanted body fat, reversing chronic metabolic disease and increasing longevity and mobility
What to Expect

Each foundations class will be structured similar to our regular group classes, with the exception of the educational component. The hour-long sessions break down as follows:

0-10:00 minutes: Instruction and Q&A
11:00-18:00 General warm-up
19:00-35:00 Hands-on Technique work
36:00-50:00 Workout of the Day (WOD) designed specifically to your ability
51:00-60:00 Review and Cool down

After you have attended all 10 classes, your coach will work with you to determine if you are ready to join the group classes, or if additional private sessions are desired.

The Foundations class is $300, which also includes an initial consult and goal session.


No prior CrossFit experience required, this is great for beginners wanting to learn and progress.


These 9 sessions will familiarize you with foundational movements and CrossFit Cure’s objective.

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