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CrossFit is for Everybody!

Our Legends program promotes active aging. It is specially designed for those over 55, or those recovering from illness or injury.

Although aging is something we all have to deal with, we do have some significant control over how those changes will affect our quality of life. Many people have inadvertently chosen “sedentary aging” and now face the cascade of negative effects that result from inactivity.

We strive to prevent or reverse the decline of functionality that results in an unnecessary loss of independence.  Whether you are currently leading an active lifestyle, have seen a decline in mobility and capacity, or need to work around an injury or chronic illness, there’s a place for you at CrossFit Cure!

You may have heard the term “functional fitness” thrown around. Our progressive curriculum will help you learn to move well, and better. We will work to help you stand and sit, to strengthen your core, and to be able to safely pick things up and carry them.

If you are already an active Legend, we will focus on increasing your strength and capacity progressively and safely.

After your intake, we will determine if you require one-on-one sessions to start out, or if you want to join the other Legends for group classes. We will provide you with information on your customized program to discuss with your health care provider, and we are happy to answer any questions they have for us.

Legends Classes are held M-F at 10:00 am.





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