Coach Levi

Head Coach, General Manager
Coach Levi


  • CF L2


Coach Levi tries to learn something new every day. He follows multiple CrossFit, Endurance and Weightlifting podcasts. One of Levi’s goals is to help each athlete outline the steps to reach their goals, and set the most direct course to do so.    

Levi first heard of CrossFit in 2007, when he was in high school. A coach introduced him to it, and he went home and told his parents about it. Little did he know, a decade later, they would be opening a CrossFit gym and he’d be coaching there! Levi has always used his fitness to enjoy the outdoors. 

In 2018, Levi took his CrossFit Level 1 course. He was impressed at the methodology behind CrossFit and the thoughtfulness that good programming and great coaching requires. In 2019, Levi earned his Level 2 certificate, and is currenty wrking towards his CrossFit Level 3 credential.

He tries to learn something new every day and follows multiple CrossFit, Endurance and Weight lifting podcasts and web sites. 

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