"I cured my Type 2 Diabetes!"


A 45 year old, sitting on the couch, 60lbs overweight, who thought this is how life has to be. Then when the doctor told me you have diabetes I knew it was beyond time to do something other than sit and get sicker. Starting out I was terrified with doubts that I could actually change but when I found CrossFit Cure I found a phenomenal Community that enjoys helping one another set and reach their goals. I really enjoy the variety of movements and the coaches understand how to get the best out of me and what is the best way to make the hard work pay off. With in two months of classes I lost 41 pounds and have been able to keep the diabetes completely in check. CrossFit Cure really is a Special place filled with amazing people. Because of the diabetes I qualified for a special rate that allowed not only myself to join, but we can afford for my wife to be a part of this journey along with me. I cant thank the owners and coaches at CrossFit Cure enough. The Cure not only comes from getting fit, it comes out of the hearts of everyone in this community that Cheer each other along and become a family that you need to join.

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