Coach Dave

Coach Dave


Coach Dave joined Cure in 2019, and quickly became a core member off the community. What motivated him to pursue coaching? 

“When I hit my 40’s I thought I was at the point in my athletic career where things only got worse…especially when compared with performance metrics from 4 to 5 years ago (or longer). To have found CrossFit Cure and see how wrong I was, to actually hit lifetime personal bests, and learn new skills is amazing.  What else was unexpected and quite possibly the key that unlocks all of the magic is the people at CrossFit Cure.  Wanting to learn more about CrossFit and moving well,  meant reading about coaching and eventually led me to rediscover coaching. It’s no longer enough for me to not share these benefits with others as I continue to learn more about CrossFit. What better way to continue my journey than by coaching others and further enriching the relationships I have with my Cure tribe. Coaching at CrossFit Cure, for me, is about adding to the community and helping others discover their own unique athletic abilities, and all of us sharing to becoming better people despite our individual struggles.” 

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