Coach Holly

Coach Holly


  • CF L1


Coach Holly was an early inspiration for Coach Kai. Kai was so impressed that this busy mom of 6 could keep up with (and often beat!) athletes that were 20 years younger than her. We were so excited when Holly Joined CrossFot Cure in 2021, and even more so when she agreed to coach for us! You’ll love her personal brand of coaching! More about her in her own words…

“I’ve been part of the CrossFit Community since 2013, as an athlete dragged along by a friend (Exercising quickly? Yes please!) then a quasi-enthusiastic competitor, and as a coach. I found CrossFit as I transitioned from triathlete to ultrarunner, and it never fails to keep me humble and moving. The CrossFit Open reminds me annually what I should be working on (Hint: it’s always snatches).

As a proud (beleaguered?) mom of six, I also love watching busy moms who thought they didn’t have time or weren’t ‘in good enough shape’ for CrossFit absolutely destroy their own preconceived notions and fears and become stronger.”

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